The health education that we provide is often the most
valuable tool we can give to our patients.


Our Mission

Vecinos is a 501(c)3 nonprofit  health care organization serving and advocating for farmworkers and uninsured, low-income adults in western North Carolina. We have a specific focus on the Latinx and farmworker community.

Agricultural work is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country and workers face many barriers when it comes to accessing care. Vecinos aims to break down health care barriers by bringing services directly to the community.

Our mission is to provide culturally-appropriate health and wellness services for the uninsured Latinx community​.


A healthy, thriving, and empowered Latinx community.


Service. We believe that providing high-quality, culturally-humble, person-centered services achieves positive health outcomes.

Advocacy. We work to ensure that our patients have a voice in all matters that impact their health and well-being.

Equity. We believe that everyone has a right to healthcare.

Transparency. We believe that open and honest communication improves all relationships.

Collaboration. We achieve more for our community by working with like-minded community partners.

Financial Documents

At Vecinos, we believe that transparency and community support are important to a trust-worthy organization. For that reason, we provide the latest copy of our Form 990. If you would like to view other financial documents, please email [email protected] with details on which form and the reason for your need.

2015-2016 Form 990 | 2016-2017 Form 990 | 2017-2018 Form 990

Our Story

The mission of Vecinos, Inc. truly began in April of 2001 when our founders, Josie Ellis, RN and Dr. Mark Heffington, began visiting migrant labor camps in Jackson County, NC, as a program of the Jackson County Health Department. In February of 2004, we were incorporated as a nonprofit organization and, operating with a grant from the North Carolina Farmworker Health Program (NCFHP) and volunteering a lot of their time, Josie and Mark pioneered what is now the Vecinos, Inc. medical outreach model.

Since our inception, Vecinos, Inc. has been providing medical outreach and advocating for the social and economic well-being of farmworkers and their families in our communities. In 2022, our board and staff rededicated Vecinos to serving any uninsured, low-income adult with a specific focus on those in need of Spanish-language services. Our dedication to farmworkers and migrant workers remains at the core of our organization and we are excited to expand our service model to better meet the needs of the community.

Vecinos means ‘neighbors’ in Spanish, and this is the foundation of the organization’s mission. Vecinos believes in reaching out, with open hands and hearts, and being good neighbors. At Vecinos, we don’t just offer health care, we aim to show appreciation for the important work that our community members and farmworkers do, offer them the support and care that all people deserve, and welcome them to our area as valuable members of our community.

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