Looking to empower our patients with education on nutrition
and health while remaining culturally sensitive.

Community Health Outreach Program

As we continue to strive to provide quality healthcare to our patients, Vecinos understands that it is more than just regular doctor visits, it’s about changing lifestyles to live a healthy life! Through our two facet nutrition program, Vecinos is looking to empower our patients to be more conscious about healthy eating which means education on proper nutrition while remaining culturally sensitive.

The wellness of our farmworkers is one of our big responsibilities. They count on us for the attention they need but also on the education and guidance to stay healthy and eat properly during the season that they are working in our region far from their places of origin. Also, patient referrals with chronic diseases are made by one of our providers and then one of the nursing staff will do a home visit where a nutrition and exercise plan is created. Our medical team will also provide clinic quality measures on diabetes and high blood pressure.

In order to provide a wholesome approach, we have partnered with NC State University & the Center for Environmental Farming Systems, Southwestern Commission, WCU, International Friendship Center and Uncomplicated Kitchen.

With the Nutrition Program we go from teaching healthy cooking and culinary skills to giving more educational information about nutrition while cooking simple and delicious healthy meals. We provide our patients with boxes of high quality healthy and local foods through Farm to the Table who help us to provide them with a complement at their monthly shopping.

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